Zeo G993

Special detergent against all carbonated stains. Ideal for use against carbohydrates and polymerized stains of oleaginous origin, such as animal, vegetable and inorganic fat. It can be used on fireplaces, ovens, grills, stoves and barbeques. It breaks down the burnt surface and dissolves the dirt from the inside. It can be very effective on industrial environment.

Application: Use undiluted if required by demanding stains. Use a foaming sprayer and spray onto the stain when the temperature is around 50 degrees C. Leave on for 10 minutes. Its color should now shift from white to brown. Remove all residue with high water pressure or with a metal brush or spatula. For more demanding tasks spray undiluted onto the surface by using a foaming sprayer. For more applications please refer to the Technical Data Sheet, or contact us.

Precautions: May cause irritation on sensitive skin. Wear disposable gloves if any skin redness appears. Do not use on aluminum, low quality stainless steel and varnished wood. Do not store or carry in PET containers. Consult the Technical Data Sheet for further details.

pH: 13.5 ± 0.5

Available packaging: 5l, 10l, 20l

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Against polymerized oleaginous origin stains. Ideal for ovens.

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