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Mild detergent against salt and soap residue. Ideal for use on more sensitive materials and surfaces as it contains solubilizers and so it does not cause erosion on refined material, metal or marble. It does not require rinsing. Suitable for cleaning the internal parts of machinery and equipment such as boilers, coffee and CIP machines. It dissolves calcium and magnesium salts without requiring the use of hot water. Effective against sea water salts.

Application: Spray onto the desired surface, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse off with water. To descale utensils dilute by 50% and allow 5 to 30 minutes depending on the accumulation of salts. Diluted product can be stored and reused for up to 12 times. On refined materials spray directly onto the surface and wipe off immediately with a clean cloth. For more information on applications please refer to the Technical Data Sheet, or contact us.

Exceptions: Do not store in areas exposed to high humidity. Do not mix with acids or chlorine products. Not to be used by persons with diagnosed anaphylaxis on citrus.

pH: 2 ± 0.5

Available packaging: 10l, 20l

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Mild descaler for the internal parts of boilers and coffee machines.

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