Zeo Peroxide

Special bleach containing active oxygen, suitable for use on white and light colored garments. It restores white color and dissolves all stains and yellowness from carpets, furniture textiles and white clothing. It releases active oxygen when used in washing temperatures ranging in between 40℃-60℃. Ideal for coloring stains such as blood, coffee and sweat yellowness.

Application: For a simple routine cleaning the recommended dosage is 1ml/kg. Use 2ml/kg for intermediate needs and 3ml/kg for demanding tasks, heavy stains and yellowness. For more information and further applications please refer to the Technical Data Sheet, or contact us.

Precautions: Do not use for washing garments by hand. Do not let allow contact with refined metal surfaces.

pH: 1 ± 0.5

Available packaging: 10l, 20l

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Bleach with active oxygen.

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