Zeo Carbon

Highly effective detergent specially designed against charred grime. It breaks down all carbonated plant, animal or mineral fat residue. Ideal for heavy industrial use, factories, machinery, car repair shops and garages, fireplaces and catering equipment. Its composition gives it the ability to break through the burnt surface and attack it from the inside. Zeolite makes Zeo Carbon the ideal solution for:

  • Kitchen and catering: Ideal for grills, barbeques, toasters, ovens, equipment immersion (diving), vat and grill air extractors, grease traps and cooking utensils.
  • Vehicle repair shops: Very effective against all carbonated residue, oil, petrol or gasoline stains. It can be applied on engines, equipment and the working area.
  • Other applications: Cleaning of public areas, refineries, shipping, sidewalks (depending on the type of dirt), pressure sprayers, rotating head cleaners, construction and agricultural vehicles and equipment, cleaning and maintenance of industrial machinery.

Application: Suitable for use on any dirt, ranging from the most simple to the most demanding. For light or medium cleaning tasks use diluted by 50%. For more demanding tasks spray undiluted onto the surface by using a foaming sprayer. For more applications please refer to the Technical Data Sheet, or contact us.

Limitations: Do not use on lacquered and laminated wood surfaces.

pH: 13 ± 0

Available packaging: 5l, 10l, 20l

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Against all carbonated oil and grease residue in catering and machinery.

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