Our history

Our history

ZEOTEC Hellas Group was founded in January 2016. It is a Greek innovative company based in Volos Magnesia and produces a wide range of detergents mainly based on Zeolite. Our products are globally unique as we are the world’s first company to produce non-toxic detergents based on liquid Zeolite, having obtained a worldwide formula throughout its range.

We address both professionals and simple households by providing tangible solutions to every type of problem and ensuring that the users of our products have immediate effectiveness, low cost and guaranteed quality for themselves, as well as the cleaning surface.

Our Products meet the strictest production standards and are accompanied by all ISO certifications as well as Certification by the General Chemistry Department of Greece.

ZEOTEC Hellas Group has managed to win the bet during nowadays world’s economic crisis, as from the first months of our operation, we managed to export our products to different countries such as Russia, Germany, America, Australia and Albania, and we are already under discussion for other countries in Europe and Asia.

Additionally, our company has grown rapidly in various regions of Greece and abroad, establishing representatives and expanding our network of associates. Our philosophy is based on the triptych “innovation, accountability, creativity”, which is an every day experience for all of us who encircle this effort.

Our beautiful trip that started at the beginning of 2016 had troubles, anxieties and a lot of work. But our strength is the undeniable quality of the products we produce ourselves, our customers trust and our peoples faith, that standed from the very beginning on this effort and with selflessness worked hard to achieve this beautiful result.

ZEOTEc Hellas Group is a large family that invests in its people by supporting them on every step of their life and is proud of them.

ZEOTEC Hellas Group, a company that creates the TRENDS and DRIVES DEVELOPMENTS.



  • Establishment of ZEOTEC Hellas Group
  • Production of 17 codes
  • Establishment of dealer network in Volos and Thessaloniki
  • Addition of a new production line for household packaging
  • Exports of products to Russia, Germany and America


  • Production of 7 additional codes (total: 24)
  • Extension of dealer network in Athens, Crete, Xanthi, Alexandroupolis, Santorini, Corinth, Veria
  • Begin to export products to Australia and Albania
  • Establishment of a second representative in Germany
  • CYS EN ISO 9001: 2008 & ELOT EN ISO 14001: 2004 certification


  • Production of 3 additional codes (total: 27)
  • Number of professional clients in Greece: 6000
  • Entry of ZEO branded products to S / M
  • Purchase of space for the installation of a new 3000m2 factory and 70m production line (Completion of Works Spring 2018)
  • Extension of dealer network in Argos and relocation of e-shop in Athens
  • Establishing a 3rd Dealer in Germany
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