Our mission is to improve the quality of life around the world and to contribute towards the protection of the environment


The three pillars of our success

  • Immediacy: We help saving valuable cleaning time by reducing the required time as well as the frequency of cleaning
  • Quality: We strive for constant and high quality on our products and our services
  • Economy: Our products are cost effective as they can be diluted, they make cleaning less frequent and they are used in smaller doses


Our values

  • Consistency: We strictly follow all guidelines and comply to all governing legislation
  • Respect: Towards our job, our colleagues, our customers, our suppliers and above all, towards the environment
  • Innovation: We carry out constant research in order to introduce the unique attributes of zeolite into a solution for every cleaning issue
  • Professionalism: We are respectful and formal regarding every aspect of our business


We contribute into protecting the environment since using “Zeoliθos” products helps minimizing our environmental footprint. The dolphin in our logo illustrates the need of returning into respecting and protecting the environment. διαχρονικά. The recipes of our detergents respect the aquatic environment as well.

Zeolite is our main competitive advantage. Our mission is to impart its attirubutes and its advantages all over the world. We strongly believe in our innovation and we continuously invest in it. People who share our vision and embrace our effort are our motivation. We work closely together and looking forward to a successful future.