Carpets & Uphostelry

Our products are effective on any cleaning task and on any type of carpet. They assist the preservation of the carpet and they help tackling any discoloration or smudge. They do not leave any residue and they help carpets return to their original condition, free of dirt and odors.

The main advantages of our products are:

  • Improved result on overall cleanliness, brightness and texture. No danger of discoloring or any other deterioration whatsoever even on the more sensitive carpets
  • Carpets are kept odor free for much longer. Zeolite facilitates deodorization and it prevents bacteria and fungii from growing, even those originating from pets
  • Our products are characterized by the low dosage required per sq/m (10-12ml), depending on the overall water hardness
  • They save on labor time and costs as they streamline and simplify the cleaning process. They also require less energy and water
  • Since the use of high pressure washing is not required, carpets do not get strained or worn out
  • They are easy to rinse.

Our special carpet cleaning products series consists of:

  • Zeo Deo: Deodorizer suitable for any type of carpet and fabric, effective even on the most persistent scent
  • Zeo Peroxide: Special bleach containing active oxygen. It restores white color and dissolves all stains and yellowness
  • Zeo Professional: Low foaming detergent which can be rinsed off the carpet easily and quickly. It is very effective on any surface.

Our products contribute towards saving on energy, water and time. They comply with all governing legislation (REACH, HACCP, ISO 22000).