Vehicles, Transportation Means, Vessels

ZeoTec covers all vehicle cleaning needs. We have produced a full car wash series and we also provide solutions with products suitable for use in engines, repair shops, vessels as well as in any type of passenger cabin in all transportation means.

  • GF Shamp: Concentrated vehicle shampoo which can easily remove hard stains such as insects, tar and bird droppings. It creates a thin coating which protects from sun rays, dust, rain and humidity
  • GF Foam: Car washing foam which removes all dirt and stains without scrubbing. It rinses off quickly and it is time and cost effective. It leaves lasting protection against sun rays, dust, rain and humidity
  • GF Wheel: A powerful rim detergent which easily removes  hard stains such as grease, tar and engine oil. Very effective on swarf and resin both on all types of rims
  • GF Tire: Tire cleaning and shining liquid. It is not sticky and it dries up quickly. It lays a protective film which delays the accumulation of dust and dirt and keeps the tire shiny and clean for longer
  • Zeo Tex: Unique instant fabric cleaning liquid. Suitable for immediate application on any stain on vehicle and vessel interior carpets, window curtains, seats, mats and floor moquettes
  • Zeo Carbon: Special detergent suitable for use on any carbonated residue, engines and vessel engine rooms, machinery, and oil, petrol or gasoline stains. Ideal for repair shops and heavy works vehicles
  • Zeo F569: Fabric and air freshener: It lasts much longer than similar products and it leaves an especially pleasant scent. A single spraying is enough to renew the ambiance and refresh any fabric.
  • Zeo Marine: Detergent with special composition created specifically for maritime conditions and use on vessels. Ideal for cleaning of decks, engine rooms, sails as well as diving suits and equipment.
  • Zeo Ultra / Zeo Ultra Biscuit: General use all purpose detergents available in two pleasant scents (ocean and biscuit). Suitable for any surface and all floor types. They have non skid attributes, they do not leave any stains or residue and do not require rinsing
  • Zeo Wash: A detergent for all bathroom and sanitary appliances and areas, including vessel washrooms and bathrooms. It has a unique fresh scent and it dissolves all scale and soap residue. It leaves a protective coating which delays the accumulation of dirt on the surface
  • Zeo Descaler: Powerful detergent which breaks down and dissolves all salts and soap residue. It does not require rubbing and it does not groove the surface. Ideal for use on sinks, drains, pipes and any area with accumulated salts. Also effective against rust and on any surface of a vessel
  • Zeo Inox: Shining liquid for all stainless surfaces. It dries up quickly and leaves the surface shiny for much longer. It clears up all stains and murky spots from all inox surfaces.