Textiles & Dry cleaning

ZeoTec has an answer to the most pressing issue faced by dry cleaners, hotels and industrial laundry units: how to achieve the best result, in the most cost effective way and with the lowest rejection rate possible, even on the heaviest textile stains such as sunscreen, blood, coffee, oil, lipstick and cosmetics. 

The main advantages of our detergents are:

  • They do not contain any soap neutralization agents, therefore they can be rinsed off quickly and easily
  • They require a low washing dosage resulting in a lower cost per wash load
  • They are energy effective. They produce excellent result in any washing temperature
  • They have a success rate ranging from 95% to 98% per washload
  • All our products are sub-allergic
  • Highly effective on any garment type
  • Safe for the user and the environment
  • They do not contain chlorium
  • We supply measuring dosing pumps in order to ensure the indicated and most cost effective use of our products.

Our professional textile cleaning line consists of the following products:

  • Zeo V126: Powerful detergent against all oily stains. Can be used on its own or as a booster
  • Zeo GA329Washing booster, very effective against all fat stains. Ideal for use on any washing machine and any garment type. Impressive results during all washing cycles
  • Zeo FO729:  Odorless powerful detergent with enzymes. Very effecient against all types of tough stains such as coffee, blood, oil, lipstick or rust. Suitable for use with all garment types and regardless of the water hardness level or the washing temperature
  • Zeo F569: Fabric and air deodorant with a pleasant freshness scent. Ideal for use on any textile such as curtains, pillows, sheets, armchairs and furniture covers, carpets and all types of clothing. A single spray is enough to refresh the overall garment feeling
  • Zeo Silk Touch: Highly concentrated softener with a delightful scent. It restores the initial softness and the elasticity of the fiber
  • Zeo Fresh: Mild concentrated detergent with a pleasant fresh scent. Very effective on any fabric or at low washing temperatures. Ideal for frequent use
  • Zeo Peroxide: Special bleach containing active oxygen. It restores white color and dissolves all stains and yellowness
  • Zeo Tex: Unique instant fabric cleaning liquid. Suitable for immediate application on any stain on carpets, pillows, sheets, pillows, furniture covers, curtains or any other fabric
  • Zeo Descaler: Powerful detergent against all salt residue. It can be used as part of the daily cleaning as well as during the regular overall maintenance of a professional washing machine.

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