Professional dishwashing

ZeoTec has created a line of detergents that can deliver outstanding results even under the most demanding operating conditions. They both are cost effective as they help saving on water and energy. Because of their composition they do not wear down the internal parts of the washing machine. For best results we recommend that they are used together.

Our products combine the following advantages:

  • They produce outstanding results in any water hardness level
  • They are cost effective as they require minimal dosage per washing cycle
  • Their unique composition protects all internal parts of the washing machine and reduces its maintenance costs
  • They are friendly towards the user and the environment
  • They operate with dosers ensuring the use of the correct quantity of detergent per wash cycle.

For the ideal and most cost effective use of the washing machine ZeoTec suggests the following products:

  • Zeo Fine: Strong professional dishwasher detergent. Outstanding results regardless of the water hardness level. It protects all internal parts of the washing machine
  • Zeo Glow: Brightening liquid effective on all water conditions. It leaves utensils free of any stains and murky areas
  • Zeo Descaler: Powerful detergent which breaks down and dissolves all salts and soap residue. It does not require rubbing and it does not groove the surface. Ideal for use on sinks, drains, pipes and any area with accumulated salts. It is also effective against rust. It can be used as part of the daily cleaning as well as during the regular overall maintenance of a professional dishwashing machine
  • Zeo Inox: Shining liquid for all stainless surfaces. It dries up quickly and leaves the surface shiny for much longer. It clears up all stains and murky spots from all inox surfaces of the washing machine.

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