Public access areas

Public spaces are typically continuously occupied by large crowds, and they often involve large areas with demanding cleaning requirements. ZeoTec successfully faced and dealt with the full spectrum of commonly used areas, public and private, such as schools, shops, gyms, sidewalks, squares and sports centers. We also provided solutions in operational needs of local city services such as the cleaning of garbage bins and trucks. At the same time we are at the final stages of research and development of a range of antiseptic products. They will be available soon and they will cover all needs for use in the demanding public area environment.

The following products can be used in the process of cleaning public areas and equipment:

  • Zeo Pro: Ideal against all organic and inorganic pollution. Very effective on deodorization. Suitable for use on garbage bins, skips and trucks, drains and pipes. It has a pleasant scent and can repel rodents and insects
  • Zeo Ultra / Zeo Ultra Biscuit: General use all purpose detergents available in two pleasant scents (ocean and biscuit). Suitable for any surface and all floor types. They have non skid attributes. They do not leave any stains or residue and do not require rinsing
  • Zeo Wash: A detergent for all bathroom and sanitary appliances. It has a unique fresh scent and it dissolves all scale and soap residue. It leaves a protective coating after use which delays the accumulation of dirt. Suitable for use in heavily used public restrooms, tiles and all sanitary appliances
  • Zeo Descaler: Strong detergent which breaks down and dissolves all salts, soap residue and rust. It does not require rubbing and it does not groove the surface. Ideal for use on pipes, drains and all areas accumulating salts. Very effective on public restrooms, pools, fountains and aquariums
  • Zeo Carbon: Special detergent suitable for use on any carbonated residue, engines, machinery, oil, petrol or gasoline stains. Ideal for vehicle repair shops, heavy industrial machinery, construction and agricultural equipment
  • Zeo Titanium: Very powerful all purpose detergent. Effective against all types of fats, tire marks, petrol and engine oil stains. Ideal for the deep cleaning of sidewalks, very dirty floors and surfaces, industrial machinery and heavy duty equipment
  • Zeo F311: Glass and window cleaning liquid. It contains natural vinegar, and its unique composition helps keeping all glass surfaces clean for longer. It can be very economical not only because it makes glass cleaning less frequent, but also because it can be diluted with water. It produces lasting shining effects.

Our constant development and research commands for more zeolite solutions. Within this frame, ZeoTec is in the process of researching a Graffiti removing product from walls, traffic signs and other surfaces.