Food and Drink Industry

Our detergents are ideal for use in any level of the food and drink industry. ZeoTec is introducing zeolite and its unique attributes in a wide range of activities such as distilleries, fish mongers, butchers, fish farms, packaging and canning industries. We provide quick, safe and cost effective products, covering the needs of a highly demanding industry. We have recently introduced a series of antiseptic products ideal for use by staff and customers.

We help maintaining a safe working environment and producing high quality food products with the following detergents:

  • Zeo Ultra / Zeo Ultra Biscuit: General use all purpose detergents available in two pleasant scents (ocean and biscuit). Suitable for any surface and all floor types. They have non skid attributes, they do not leave any stains or residue and do not require rinsing
  • Zeo Descaler: Strong detergent which breaks down and dissolves all salts, soap residue and rust. It does not require rubbing and it does not groove the surface. Ideal for use on sinks, water tanks, pipes, water supply lines and any other salt accumulating area and on any equipment
  • Zeo ExCal: Mild detergent against salt and soap residue. Ideal for use on more sensitive materials and surfaces. It is the perfect solution for cleaning the internal parts of machinery and equipment such as boilers, coffee or CIP machines. It does not require rinsing. Recommended for internal cleaning of food handling equipment
  • Zeo Clean: Mild detergent ideal for general daily use. It is effective on any surface, such as walls, tables and tiles. It dissolves unpleasant odors in food storage areas such as cupboards and refrigerators
  • Zeo Titanium: Powerful all purpose detergent fit for use on any surface. Very effective against all types of fats, engine oil and any difficult dirt. Ideal for deep floor and equipment cleaning or use on machinery and equipment
  • Zeo G993: Highly effective against all carbonated stains in ovens. It breaks down the burnt surface and fights the dirt from the inside
  • Zeo Inox: Shining liquid for all stainless surfaces. It dries up quickly and leaves the surface shiny for much longer. It clears up all stains and murky spots from all inox surfaces. Ideal for the outside care of equipment and machinery
  • Zeo Pro: Ideal against all organic and inorganic pollution. Very effective on general deodorization, and especially when used on garbage bins, skips and drains. It has a pleasant scent and can repel rodents and insects. Ideal for fish mongers, butchers and all meat processing industry
  • Zeo Carbon: Highly effective against all carbonated pollution, burnt fat or oil and petrol residue. Ideal for use on grills, fireplaces and cooking equipment. Cleans thoroughly all engines as well as industrial or farming equipment and machinery
  • Zeo Marine: Specially composed detergent, created specifically for maritime conditions and use on vessels or fish farms. Ideal for the cleaning of decks and fishing equipment.

We ship our products in a packaging range which makes them ideal for use in a small retail space or in a large industrial unit.