Our Employees

Our team is our moving force.
Our employees are highly specialized in their respective field and their development is constant.

We use up to date methods to enhance the individual talents in every member of our team. We offer an equal opportunities working environment and we aim to have every employee consider ZeoTec as their second home.


Marketing department

We constantly survey all recent market developments. We  use innovative methods in order to bring to the consumer products that fully satisfy their needs

Sales Department

We aim to long term business relationships. We constantly stand next to our customers aiming to fully support their needs

Inspection Department

We examine and review all office and production areas ensuring health and safety throughout our factories. We carry out all appropriate corporate certification procedures

Finance Department

We observe all budgeting, expenses and costs and we contribute to the growth of our corporation by operating in a methodical and fully automated manner

Research & Development Department

We aim for the best product and we constantly look for new ways of satisfying needs. We are working today for a better tomorrow

Production Department

We strictly follow all procedures during production and bottling in order to maintain the high quality of our products

Quality Control Department

We follow strict control guidelines in order to maintain the high quality of the raw materials we use and that of the final product

Purchasing Department

We ensure the flawless operation of our production process by acquiring top quality raw materials at the right quantity and time

Human Resources Department

We handle all issues regarding our workforce. We seek and add new members in our team and we enforce the abidance to the corporate rules and policies by all